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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vegetarian recipes, Vegetarian Food, Vegetarian cooking, Vegetarian chinese food

Vegetarians food
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Books and doctors tell us that we should eat less fat, salt and sugar, more fiber. A complete food vegetarian diet can help us achieve these goals. In the absence of meat protein diet and more of these plant foods such as beans and nuts, we will automatically reduce saturated animal fat. We also include cheese and eggs, but they are often added to a mixture of other low-fat, high fiber content, and we rarely eat too much volume. Many vegetarians give up the purchase of products such as baked pie, it also contains saturated fat, they often cook with vegetable oil instead of butter.

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If you cook vegetarian food is good, with plenty of clever use of herbs and spices, you will find that only a few dishes needed salt to taste. Taste this dish, you have completed it, just add salt, if you think it is absolutely necessary. Salt is necessary for successful production of bread, pasta and rice, it is clear to taste better, but even so, without adding too much.
Because sugar is not an animal product, give it not, in theory, be vegetarian, however, you should use it only in the slowdown. Most vegetarians are more willing to make as much food, he might, and a result is not eating sugar is hidden in so many commercial products, from baked beans so-called crackers. But if you have to buy prepared foods, take a look at health shops to find products such as sugar free jams, tomato sauce, which will help you to avoid.

vegetarian food guide
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What about fiber? A healthy vegetarian diet, including nuts and beans, lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and most importantly, whole grains such as whole wheat bread or brown rice. If you eat a variety of all of these products, you no longer have to worry about whether you get enough fiber.

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Healthy vegetarian diet also helps, because it contains a wide range of ingredients. Each type of food contains different vitamins and minerals in different proportions, to provide your body all it needs a little bit, not too much of a type of nutrient.

However, vegetarian cooking, another advantage is the economy. Catering to beans, grains, nuts, cheese and eggs are often cheaper than many on the basis of meat and fish. Therefore, a boon to their budget housewife if she choose to serve them all the time or several times a week for all.


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