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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese Buffet, Buffet Menu, Buffet Food

Ago: I take one and load items, and I from beginning to end, until my plate is full to start. I went back to my first round of the other items, can not install on my plate. Now, I do not walk around the buffet plates hand and take a look at all projects. Because it just is the key, help me, I'm sure, I only like the things I want and I will enjoy. In this way, I do not overload my plate, with the stuff, I just eat the food, I will enjoy.

First: I eat all available food, non-discrimination.

Now I'm all fried foods, away from the buffet, especially life. Too much fat and calories fried foods.

I will be at least three can there.

Now: all the things I need to not overload my plate with the main help. Then, I have a small dessert, to help one another. To help others really just a small bowl, I'm not a particular dessert or a couple of desserts is to use small parts.

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Secret # 1: I eat buffet .. I like the arid / I did not eat for a few days if there is a famine in use. Now, I only like to eat a meal. The secret is to tell myself that this is not your last meal! Do not eat it like it is your last meal. The right to the point of view of things. The mystery is suitable for almost any meal. You like to eat food in moderation, you will be more like it: 

The Secret # 2. If you eat slowly, you will see a few bites your taste buds satisfied with your favorite food, you enjoy, do not stop eating.

Secret # 3: Food is not the enemy. Do not be afraid to eat. Lack of self control is the enemy. Moderation and balance is your friend!


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