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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recipe food Chinese New Year, Chinese food, Chinese new year 2011

Chinese food
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The most common raw materials used in the collection of fish dishes is the salmon, and some people may find this dish has an extra chewing jelly fish taste. Other spices, usually go Yisheng cookies, crispy wanton skin, roasted peanuts, sesame seeds and pickled fruits and vegetables. 

Recipes chinese food for new year
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Finally, the sauce is also very important. Plum is the usual choice, with rice vinegar and sesame oil.

Chinese new year recipes
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According to tradition, it was originally from Chaozhau, China in the simple ingredients and spices are used like fresh fish, radish, carrot sticks in combination with oil, vinegar and sugar sauce. Yi Sang is the modern transformation of the master chefs from Singapore. Now, we can easily write and buy a dish the restaurant or from a local retailer.

Chinese food recipes
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Should be enhanced as students of modern Malaysia to follow suit, making it a tradition, every family love. In addition, it also brings the connotation of harmony with the whole family dinner and doctors together.


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