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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Traditional Chinese New Year Foods

Start the New Year's Eve, Thanksgiving gatherings, on the one usually include rice pudding cake cake-like creation, a bit sticky, is said to help people advance to a higher arrangement and wealth, step by step.

New Year's Eve celebration in northern China, dumplings, or jiao to look like gold ingots of money hereby coin the correct pronunciation of words in Ming Dynasty, it sounds like the name of the earliest use of paper money. So people believe they will bring in the New Year's Eve we serve prosperity and wealth.

Chinese new year decorations
Chinese new year food

In order to claim their money in a changing in the new year, people will eat their food money 'at midnight. In addition, several chefs will be hidden in a clean coin dumplings a lucky person to find. In addition, to ensure that they have good luck in the upcoming New Year, to avoid misfortune, most of the dishes prepared with the overall food; not been cut off, with a knife, what knife or knives during the holidays is considered as unlucky.

Long noodles are used in the table to ensure that everyone in the New Year's table will have a long, healthy life. Happiness, longevity and prosperity, seem to appear in the name of the food service in the Chinese New Year meal.

Chinese new year couplets
Chinese new year food

Dry hair hoe see rich oyster and seaweed is a good sound business and wealth. When visiting a family, couples and individuals in the Chinese New Year, it is customary to bring a gift, such as oranges or orange, because their Chinese name sounds like wealth or gold.

Fish is another staple of the Chinese New Year dinner, although this is never fully eaten to ensure good luck for a year at home and carp fish is always a profitable, because it symbolizes the coming year.

Traditional chinese new year dishes
Chinese new year food

There is always a meat or any one hundred fifty-five kinds of vegetables are symbolic of the five blessings of New Year's - the wealth, longevity, virtue, wisdom and peace.


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