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Monday, June 25, 2012

Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

Healthy Foods for Pregnant Women

Healthy foods for pregnant women. As a mother, it would be nice to know a healthy diet for pregnant women, this is important because in addition to yourself, pregnant women also have a responsibility to the health of the baby. Especially in the younger gestational age during the first three months. Stability condition and health of pregnant women physically, psychologically, and emotionally very important. And these three heavily influenced by food consumption.
the food must be halal, so it's got the right way and toyyiban, that is nutritious and contains:
Good food, among others, foods that contain:

A. Carbohydrate
Foods that contain carbohydrates can be obtained from material rice, corn, noodles, bread, yams and potatoes. It's very good to add energy to the physical strength of pregnant women
B. Protein
To replace dead cells in the body of pregnant women and also form a growing fetus in the womb, the body requires more protein. In pregnant women the need for protein intake increased to 12gr for each kilogram of body weight. Is in normal condition, not pregnant, need 1 gram of protein for each kg of body weight. Containing foods can be made from tofu, tempeh, beans, eggs, fish and meat.
C. Calcium.
Calcium is essential for growth of baby teeth and bones, if the fetus will result in calcium deficiency which is not good in pertumbuhannnya. The calcium content can be obtained from corn, shrimp or crab. Eat eels because it is very good for baby's brain growth and produce a healthy and intelligent children in the future. Especially when the mother gave birth to a release of calcium in the body 40, if he does not eat much calcium can cause bone loss or osteoporosis.
D. Iron
Iron can be obtained from green vegetables, liver and meat. Iron is indispensable placenta in the womb. Through the placenta is the baby in the womb will mendapatlan nutrients and oxygen. Foods that contain lots of protein delivery of the beans, eggs, milk, meat and soybean. Tempe has a vegetable protein content is very high.
E. Vitamin
In pregnant women are also very much in need of food intake that contains all the elements of vitamins. Raw foods contain lots of vitamins can be easily obtained, such as all kinds of green vegetables, fresh fruit, and various types of animal and vegetable side dishes.
F. Water
During pregnancy, many pregnant women will require a lot lebh water intake into the body. This is because during pregnancy will be more frequent urination and sweating more than usual the day when not pregnant. When drinking water is too much to feel sick, can be replaced with fruit juice, fresh and not taste bland.

A mother should be able to regulate the food and the discipline of eating healthy food or food containing at least all Menu Foods Healthy 4 5 Excellent namely that contain:
  1. Carbohydrates: found in rice, wheat, cassava, etc.
  2. Protein: there is lots of tofu, tempeh, eggs, meat, etc.
  3. Minerals: found in many vegetables
  4. Vitamins: abundant in fruits
  5. Milk

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