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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Calories in chinese food, Calories in food list, Calories in food database

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Chinese food is very tasty, as a mixture of specific and special flavor to its preparation. Of course, you love it, but you should also know how health and nutrition is for you. You can begin at any time assess the consideration of China's food calories.

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You can easily find the average. Of course, you can expect slightly different calorie count for the time and mode of preparing the food. A fried spring rolls containing 115 calories. With a standard sweet and sour chicken lemon or service you will increase by about 400 calories to your daily intake. Chow Chow style less fattening beef. A standard service contains about 320 calories. The famous Beijing roast duck is very delicious, but it is also rich in calories. You will get about 650 from a service. Egg fried rice to serve with the standard 250 calories. Soups and dishes from China's less fattening, it is very natural. You will get 160 calories a part of the crab, chicken and corn soup.

Calories food
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So, you can get about 600 to 800 calories of food, from a standard meal consisting of appetizer, main course and rice. This is not a lot, but the number is not small either. Fortunately, there are a number of ways in which you can enjoy your favorite foods do not drag your body and weight gain. As a start, you can reduce the number of occasions, you get take-away and go to Chinese restaurants. In addition, you can choose to skip appetizers. You could easily want a soup or salad instead. In this way, you'll feel more full, eat the main course. You may select the hot food at any time. This will improve your metabolism, you burn more fat you consume.

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