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Friday, January 21, 2011

Weird Chinese, Weird Food, How Do You Say in Chinese

Macaroni, but tastes nothing more than white wine sauce and the consistency of the presence of squid cooked full board, can describe this dish as the original recipe in the chewing!
Another section of the fans as time goes on, I worked with about 20 deep-fried crispy scorpion stings the delicate arrangements and fulfilling!

Tips for eating this particular delicacy are but a shrimp, I had to get it done my chopsticks, it did slip in celebration of my mouth.

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In fact, once I said to myself, "This is a shrimp, prawn" 20 times, basically to make this test is not, then, to crisp! Oil is a unique taste, is one in a deep-fried crisp in chewing, and so much more!

However, deep-fried crispy scorpion bronchial cows is not the worst food I know.

I said that, not eating, because even though my cast iron constitution could not stomach how to describe me to you. Anyway, I'm sure, if it is a popular folklore or if people really do not do this. I'm sure it must be illegal, if it does not want it!

According to legend, in southern China, especially those with holes in the middle of a specially designed table just big enough to take the ceremony at the top of the monkey's head. Clearly, the ceremony site to capture the monkeys and to ensure its head is wedge-shaped hole and between this table. The ceremony live in the next step "off the top of the skull trepanne on monkeys and monkey brain water.

People sitting around the table to eat stewed monkey brains, monkey with chopsticks directly out of the skull.


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