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Friday, January 21, 2011

Fast food chain, Fast food tycoon, Fast food chinese, Fast food facts

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Chow Mein is the world famous Chinese food. It is very easy to cook, you can put it in many ways


Chinese noodles, eggs, beef, baby bok choy, green onions groups, chives, MSG, soy sauce, soy sauce

Cooking process:

1: water, boil a few minutes, the noodles in the boiling pot. Then remove and rinse under cold water; Tip: When boiling a pinch of salt and the pasta salad, etc. is not easy to adhere to complement each other.

2: Heat pan, pour a little oil and spread the bottom pot. Add eggs, and then from the pot when it is completed.

3: Onion Festival, baby cabbage, leeks, chopped Add meat and fry together. Then cooked with noodles and fried for some time.

4: Then use chopsticks (if possible) to separate the noodles. Cooked eggs, add onion, stir fry for a few minutes.


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