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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Asian Cooking Ingredients

Tofu - tofu or bean curd you a popular ingredient in many Chinese, particularly those recipes vegetarian recipes can be found. The ethnic component, but in Asia has become a popular cooking recipe ingredients. Tofu is almost no taste or smell, and then to discharge it absorbs the taste of other ingredients in the recipe, use spices. For some vegetarian, tofu, meat, because it is a good source of protein and iron, low calorie and fat may be a good choice possible. It can be easily digested because it is tender and soft.

Mushrooms - Mushrooms are a popular style of Chinese cooking ingredients, add your recipes. These materials are not uncommon, you can easily find them in different supermarkets, but the price, some of which can still be harvested from their natural environment. You, for your stew, fried dishes and soup of materials, you can find dried mushrooms.

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Dried fungus - fungus is a dried material dry, you can usually get Chinese food. These are the best, often fried tofu, chicken, celery and onions together. Do you think they are too small, and when you buy them from supermarkets, but they are 15 minutes in hot water, the rest can be soaked before cooking to expand.

Chinese cabbage - is also a popular vegetable in Chinese cooking is to make you very popular, but they can around the world. You often stew soup, vegetables and stir-fried dishes can be found.

Five-spice powder - is a popular spice Chinese cooking ingredients, spices and your favorite foods can often be added to the chili meal use. As the name suggests, five-spice powder, Sichuan pepper, spiced general, start anise, fennel, cinnamon, cloves are also included. Usually, it is used in fat condiments, but also widely used in vegetarian recipes.


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