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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to make chicken soup, How to make chinese food, How to make chinese fried rice, How to make chinese sausage

1. Fresh and low fat ingredients is important. Such as lean meat, fresh fish, shrimp, peeled duck, chicken, melon, bitter gourd, radish, yam, yam, tomato, seaweed, bean sprouts, spring is like, the rest are all good choices low in fat.

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3. Water, make soup the best quality and taste of mineral water is recommended.

4. Poultry, to make soup, you should be ready to wash, cook in hot water all the stealth that only 5 blood, fat and bone in some dirty particles stick to the surface or out of its minutes. This will ultimately contribute to a better and sweet soup.

5. Soup cooking or heating fire control is the most important step. Different flavor and effect of the same material does not correctly handle the heat control can be. There are 3 types of thermal control - large / high (fire), Heating, moderate heat (fire), and small / low heat (fire). If the soup is always put in a position of high thermal protein in poultry will be destroyed. Reduce heat, when you open the lid of the pot, you may not add additional water as top-level components and water mixture into the soup will also provide half of the temperature of the meat proteins dissolved in the soup, so the soup taste effect.

6. Only add a little salt in the soup can be used, it is difficult to dissolve in the soup will create meat protein, can be tasteless soup.

7. For cooking fish soup, the best cooking time about 1 hour. Mainly chicken or pork ribs soup cooking, the best cooking time is about 3 hours.

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