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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How To Cook Chinese, How To Cook Chinese Food

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China in almost all southerners and northerners like the dish cuisine.However Guangdong is this dish, it really is not easy to cook very well. I want to share tips on how to dish.

Ingredients for this dish are as follows:
(Some fat), pork, pineapple, bamboo shoots, green pepper, tomato sauce, vinegar, sugar, Worcestershire sauce (hot sauce)

1. 2 cmx2cm.Before cut bite-size pieces of pork, you should defeat the pork sword.
2. With a piece of pork is ready, your wine and cooking salt cured pork should be. Mix them taste better. Marinate the pork should be at least 15 minutes.
3. Prepare the sauce: Pour one (or other container) bowl, some white vinegar in a bowl in the correct order of sugar, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt (not too much, because there are some salt pork) vote. Mix well. Sweet and sour sauce from the great.
4. Spicy pork, eggs, butter, eggs, more than half of the spread. This will make the meat is tender. They put a thin layer of meat and flour, starch, water, white powder (which means you should not be too much red meat), then a layer of dry bread, meat, starch, power should be included.
5. Pineapple, cold meat shaped like a bamboo green pepper, cut into slices and bamboo shoots.
6. Fry the meat: Heat the pan and the amount of oil, pour the oil fires, until the temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius, and then fried bread flour and starch, it is time for meat. Note that you put a little meat in the pan to prevent oil spill, to be paid. Changes in the fire the fire.
7. Oil floating on top of the meat, remove them from the pot, and then fried to a golden color change, until the meat is the same. This time you do not have to delete them, only bamboo shoots from the pot, add green peppers. Remove them from the pot.
8. Pour a small amount of oil and diced garlic in the pot stirring, until it came out of the smell. Add pineapple slices. Prepared in three steps into the sauce and found them equally.
9. Finally, on the pan fried pork and stir 10 to 15 seconds, remove them from the pot


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