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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chinese Food Names, Chinese Dishes

Zhejiang cuisine of Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Wenzhou city with a mixture of local cuisine. But what makes them different from other popular styles, each dish is rich in history and tradition.

Once the capital of Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty, bringing diversity and beauty of local foods and cooking methods introduced to the north. Their common methods or techniques for cooking roast, are quickly fried, fried, and angry, all of which are not oil, as they may sound. The popular dishes, the famous places or famous name to name a few from some of the West Lake beef soup, West vinegar, fish and shrimp with Long Lake in Hangzhou tea trademark dish, east slope of pork. In addition, each dish is usually some interesting stories to tell. In addition, most of the food is an important factor, mainly as a result of Hangzhou and the surrounding areas rich in bamboo plants, including bamboo shoots.

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Stewing, roasting, steaming, boiling for style dishes prepared from Ningbo. Ningbo, or self-Yong, the surrounding water, they are yellow croaker, fish, crabs, specializing in seafood, like, depending on the season. Franky even simple to prepare recipes and cooking methods are healthy, their diets are still delicious and rich colors.

In addition, Wing meal snacks, cakes and pastries, which include a number of claims is the most popular rock turtles - turtles from the roast, along with rock sugar, sweet red bean pastries, Long, Pat Phoenix Gold Fund, and rice pudding (usually as a wedding, because it is a symbol of happy married life) cake, glutinous rice balls known as Ningbo real "dumpling" must try.

Four cities in Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing rice wine, and eat less oil and spices, but more especially their sauce and rice wine, particularly the use of, this is because they are famous for the historic brewery. Their main elements of bamboo shoots, chicken, fish, vegetables and duck are also included.

Salted vegetables, pickled mustard, vegetables and tofu: His style of cooking can be divided into three types. Shaoxing all salt, vegetables, fish and pork, duck, and then dried in the sun, until they put out. A lot of it during the Spring Festival can be seen as a gift, because they give family and friends, and they also apply to your audience.

These dishes have been saved the United States, pickled vegetables, soy is like. They usually eat appetizers or side dishes for the United States. As for the smelly food, by definition, they are unique aroma, smell, from the materials used. By the smell, which means that you many kilometers away from the stinky smell of the food, as always, the taste of the famous. Some people like people, some need to develop its flavor.

Wenzhou Yongjia County, Zhejiang Province, also known as food plays an important role. It has a wide variety of dishes, because it is well-known port operations, Ningbo, the main raw material, seafood. Even their cake fillings of fresh shrimp, abalone have lights like cake. Other recipes, skin, such as cakes, shrimp dumplings stuffed with different types, including floss or sesame seeds. Wenzhou local people's living shrimp, wine, sugar, ginger and experienced and like to eat oysters.

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