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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fry Chicken Recipe, KFC,Chicken Fried

The difference between "copy" and your real thing!

The original flavor of the popular fried chicken from KFC really catch many people's taste buds. This is mainly because most of the enthusiasts are trying to achieve the same taste in their own homes. But the problem is really bugging them is how to make Kentucky Fried Chicken - This is not so simple, some people may imagine.

As a result, most of the time, people really taste the analysis and presents a copy of the parents of fried chicken and closely related, if not "totally" different. Here is a favorite recipe to achieve the same delicious.
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Coating ingredients are:
2 bags of instant tomato soup;
2 bags of a mixture of Italian dressing;
A tablespoon of chili powder;
2 tsp dried Chervil;
1 teaspoon seasoned salt;
Chicken stock powder 1 teaspoon;
1 teaspoon dried parsley;
1 tsp Tarragon;
Half a teaspoon of sage;
¼ teaspoon pepper;
3 cups pancake mix.

If all of these ingredients are mixed using the mixer, and mixed up a whole would be sufficient to coat chicken. On the other hand, must be soaked in milk, chicken as long as an hour in the refrigerator. An hour later, the chicken can now be coated with a mixture prepared in advance.

Pre-cooked chicken, heat the oil to ensure adequate cooking of meat by the right. And when it is actually chicken and drain excess oil with paper towels. Finally, it services, it is still hot and juicy.

In short, this article shows you a fast, easy and simple, his own style KFC


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