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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

English Chinese Dictionary Pinyin, English Chinese Dictionary Pinyin

The purpose of this manual is to introduce China to learn Mandarin romanization system for beginners. Has made every effort to eliminate unnecessary syntax, but replaced by plain language interpretation. The material to be completed by a class, just a little practice, most students can master this powerful tool to study quickly. In other words, if you follow the methods outlined in this document, in the next few hours, you can read any Chinese characters and pinyin correctly identified to write a given pronunciation of Pinyin format.

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You can also check the spelling of new words English dictionary to help make your learning easier than ever. Since some of the manual from the Internet, we recommend that you use the manual and internet connection. OK, now we will start your first step to your research.

Pinyin, Hanyu Pinyin is also called is a simple way to write Chinese pronunciation using English letters (Roman). Pin literally means "magic" and sound "sound." Pinyin system was originally approved by the Chinese Government in 1958. And because it is an effective tool, which is quite simple, easy to understand, it not only Fangbian them to learn language and Chinese characters, but it is also beneficial to non-Chinese speakers to learn and control the standard pronunciation of Mandarin - Chinese National Standards. Since 1979, Hanyu Pinyin has been widely accepted and adopted many of the world-class institutions and organizations, including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the modern Chinese pronunciation for the standard (ISO - 7098:1991), Government of Singapore, the United States Library of Congress Museum and the American Library Association. Pinyin has also become a useful tool, Chinese text input into the computer.


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