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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chinese Carnival Food

Chinese new year has a long celebration. Celebrations began in the New Year, this is the first lunar month in the first day. So since February this year, the third in 2011, next year will begin January 23, 2012. This festival is a national celebration of customs and traditions. Tradition, deeply rooted in the principles and ethics. Retrospective, the festival comes from tradition and legend. For example, in the legendary predatory reptiles silence you attack. However, as lore has it, reptiles, predation, or "year ", is scared by the loud noises. Therefore, people with fireworks, explosions threatened him to leave.

Chinese Carnival Food
In addition, the festival is a display of life, which is reflected in the collective conscience of nations. Chinese (Lunar) New Year, the brilliant display of Chinese culture. It enlarged family values, the kernel of the center stage. People come together each year to celebrate the festival section of the day. Every year, people from all walks of life come together as one. It is important to remember that in a charming and brilliant, the celebration commemorating the goodness of mankind. This is a festival of the heart. Kind of a rare gem.

Chinese Carnival Food

Chinese Carnival Food
"Lantern Festival"has more than 2,200 years of history. In every day, people go out to enjoy the colorful lanterns; to do riddles, fireworks, lion dances, stilt walking, etc., the most important thing is to eat "Yuan West Au (rice glue ball). " 
"Yuan Xiao ", also known as "Tang Yuan", made ​​from the glutinous rice flour, which is mixed with a small amount of water to form ball, then cook in boiling water and services. Usually "Yuan Xiao " is full of red bean paste, sugar, jam, or a variety of hawthorn. As the "Tang Yuan" in Chinese sounds similar to the word "reunion", which means "reunion", which is used to display their emotions people missing, and happy family wishes.


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