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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

China Diabetic Food Dog

China Food Dog_Natural Diabetic Dog Food

It's meat from its low level of life, often associated with high fat content, because all the good cuts of meat to the human markets, higher prices on it. Meat by-products (slaughterhouse waste, carcasses by a veterinarian, farms, zoos, vivisection companies, road kill, etc.) constitute the majority of the majority of pet food. This is cooking at high temperatures the temperature and pressure, causing a little bit of nutrition still exist.

Cheap filler, and then for the bulk of this. Packing than the melamine may include the work of the Chinese market, or any cheaper. Such as sugar. Then add the toxic preservatives (not allowed in human food) to ensure a longer shelf life. Isolation and synthetic stimulants of appetite and 'nutrition', and then added, to ensure that your poor dog to eat. In the 'nutrition'can not be absorbed, can lead to joint stiffness and kidney stones. 

China Food Dog_Natural Diabetic Dog Food

China Food Dog_Natural Diabetic Dog Food

China Food Dog_Natural Diabetic Dog Food
But this means that what is most important is that you notice your dog's health control, rather than leaving it to others who shouted their excellent products, but in reality, more attention to their wallets than in your Dog's health.


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