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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Salad Soup Recipe, Potatoes Salad, Potato Salads

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The best salad ideas

Fruit salad is very popular in France, you can find the recipe calls for pears, apples and melon. Citrus dressings and vinaigrettes are also used to make French salad. Raspberry or strawberry balsamic vinegar can be served with seasonal fruit salad shine in France or similar sharpness of vinegar, sugar and black pepper, maybe some out of juice.

Vegetable salad is very popular, it can be fried, steamed or eaten raw. There are many recipes potato salad and potato salad dressing French tend to use fresh dill or other herbs and serve hot. Seafood, meat or poultry can also be functional.

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Delicious hot salad ingredients
Roasted beet is an example of a popular French ingredients. The famous carrot salad with lemon and mustard sauce? This salad recipe be good side dishes.

Walnuts, blue cheese, fennel, cucumber, tomato, fresh mint, but also combined to make this recipe better, there are hundreds of French salad, you can re-create your own. You can bulk out the salad, beans, lentils or other types of pulses, rice or potatoes can also be used. If you have a salad as a main course service, this is a good use of a filling, so the salad will be provided.

Seafood Salad Nicoise recipe

This delicious salad recipes authentic French people and the services of four with grilled fish, fresh fruit salad, French dressing, it is a winning combination, this salad is truly impressive, both in appearance and taste aspects.


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