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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recipes for Beef, Recipe beef soup, Beef Stews, Recipes Beef

They include beef stew, roasted garlic, the old ways and winter vegetables, ginger, tomatoes, beef short ribs and Irish stew. What should be noted that these stews have different components, constitute them, so what they are, but it is clearly a major component of beef. Since it is impossible to explain how people make the exhaustion of all people, the only Irish beef stew recipe analysis.

Its ingredients include 3tablespoon olive oil, 2tablespoon coriander, 10cloves of garlic, four hundred twenty-five ml of red wine, 1tbspoon thyme, 18 whole mushrooms, onions 12 small size, salt and black pepper, 175 grams bacon cut into strips, 11/2kg beef, cut into box, 3carrots cut quarter turn 12 small carrots washed, cut out, four hundred twenty-five ml beef or chicken stock 50 grams butter and 50gflour. With these ingredients ready, you may be ready to one of the most aromatic beef stew recipe action.

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Heat a thick pan, then add bacon, beef and hot olive oil until they brown and then from the disk. Add mushrooms, carrots, onions one at a time as you add seasoning. Return the meat back into the pot add the garlic and aromatic plants and then add the beef stock / chicken with red wine so that they cook at very low temperature for one hour. Take another pan and heat the butter and flour two-minute period of time. Once the vegetables and meat cooked well, remove them, leave the soup. Heat soup, add a tablespoon of butter and flour mixture heat, and stir until it thickens, then return the meat and vegetables to taste. Decorated with chopped parsley and serve hot with a romantic accompaniment.

In preparing this wonderful food, all you do is test it, it must make you satisfied with the leakage of your finger. People can take this big stew at all times of the day.

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