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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lunar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse December 2010, Lunar Eclipse 2010, Lunar Eclipse Tonight

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December 20, 2010 years is food. Eclipse, you know, when the earth, the sun and the moon are the same. Earth and the sun playing pickles, moon, and we eventually eliminate the shadow of the Moon and Earth. You can see your eyes, it is often cool shades of the moon eclipse, from the purple and blue / green. Many people believe that the earth has created a line of unusual energy. Whether it is true I do not know, but that night I've had enough. Eclipse of the moon and the Solstice at me, I know it will be an epic meeting, if all normal. I have two elements to make it a reality. I already know is a full moon that night, so I am concerned about the wind and cloud cover. Night, I like a clear night sky without clouds and the scene. The level of excitement I have to keep a good wind the last sunset. 20-25 miles per hour, the perfect conditions for kite ten meters

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I went to the beach about 11-1 hours before the scheduled eclipse was found. In the bright full moon, I do not need artificial light rig my kite, the dawn of my gear, or see the water. I always start my own solar eclipse kite half an hour, running water, jump in my boat. No other person for miles, not a boat or car or horn. Only the wind, the water rush down my opinion, I think. My eyes adjusted quickly, I can see everything. The white color of my kite is a light bulb glowing moonlight. My lines like moonlight shining, dancing, throwing, and close them. Ten feet of water around in my bright white reflection of the moon cast shadows, and the remaining water in the depths of dark black.

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After a few minutes to get water blackout began. My kite in a decade or two when the moon in the twelve years old, I just looked straight up to see the state. As the progress of the lunar eclipse the old amber color and light fading, but there are still water. Because no moon light, I am no longer figure in the land and sand dunes, building South Padre Island, Port Isabel and the town water tower there were lots of vision. This look is usually inspired by Hu made me feel small. But I feel good, happy and free. I started to move my bag to throw out the skills and just had a great time there. I just want my dear readers share their experience. Thank you.


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