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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cap Go Meh 2001

Barongsai CapGoMeh

Gong hay is usually rich or happy imlek soon as the Pearl River from the religious or ethnic Hu general believers. Lunar New Year or Spring Festival Imlek or the Chinese people the most important holiday. Chinese New Year celebration, also known as chunjie, or tibia in a country. imlek word comes from the Hokkien dialect, which means a calendar. Chinese New Year celebration usually celebrate until No. 15 in the Chinese calendar this month.

Cap Go Meh 2001

imlek originally celebrated after the winter off to celebrate the farmers, and welcomes this happens, the arrival of spring each year. The event is completed imlek prayers during the holidays and celebrations are done to casual hats. The purpose of this activity is to pray that more of sustenance as a reunion between family members. Lunar New Year holiday is an annual meeting point for all the family members. This is a very meaningful celebration, each family member and neighbor of love intertwined with, laugh and exchange Angpao new clothes along. Angpao is to invest the amount of red envelopes. Angpao often referred to as the Lunar New Year "is over", which means taking into account the age of the child's gift. In the old days, the prize is usually a snack or food time. With the provisions of the times, angpao contains an alternative prize. Let the traditional red envelopes about the money when the Ming and Qing.

In China, who has the obligation and right to angpao who is already married, because marriage is considered to be between childhood and adulthood the border, and those who are married are considered the traditional fixed income. In addition to providing angpao children, they are obliged to provide angpao people who are old.


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