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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chinese Horoscope 2011, Horoscope Signs, Horoscope Signs Compatibility, Horoscope Sign Dates

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2011 is the Year of the Rabbit, it will be February 3, 2011. Many people must know that they are eager to have a better chance in the coming year than in 2010. Here, we use the five elements of Chinese astrology (metal, wood, water, fire, earth) theory of people's wealth in 2011 to provide clarification and what will happen in their year, the rabbit.

According to the five elements Constellation Calendar 2011 Chinese metal rabbit. The color system is the five elements of metal and white, yellow or golden yellow. Therefore we can say 2011 is a white rabbit, yellow rabbit, rabbit or years of metal gold. Chinese astrology is a balance of five elements theory. Each animal can be converted into five elements. Rabbit just wood. Therefore, a strong year in 2011 of wood. Metal is a woman in 2011, and is committed to jewelry. We can handle 2011 in a lovely rabbit. This means that the signing of a romantic some people. However. Elements of metal and wood, they win money. Finally, the rabbit will feel uncomfortable to wear jewelry all the time.

Rabbit animals may have his next multiply rapidly. Therefore, the rabbit is committed to love. Rabbit is the star of romantic people a year, horse, tiger or dog was born. They will have the opportunity to meet the opposite sex, the establishment of closer relations, especially the rabbit people.
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Mice can copy their own children so fast. When rats and rabbits love, they sometimes hurt each other. Their relationship is a blend of love

And hatred. Therefore, if people love rabbits rat year, they will feel the sweet and bitter relationship. Rabbit is a shy, friendly animals, and not too many enemies, in addition to chicken. Therefore, people born in this year's chicken, the relationship between people and social relations are weak, in the spring of 2011. Tiger, rabbit and dragon cycle is timber. Tiger Wood began circulating in 2010. Rabbit 2011 is the second year of wood cycle. 2011 is the peak time for timber recycling. If born in either tiger, rabbit, or the Dragon, your lucky element is wood, and then bring them good luck in 2011.

Year 2010 is the white metal tiger. Tiger Woods dominated. Basically, most people have the same luck as in 2010. But Tiger is Yang Wood, Yin Wood Rabbit is. In addition, the Tiger fire, but the rabbit is pure wood. When the Tigers play metal, you can use the metal burning fire tiger. Therefore, the tiger is a way to win in the metal. When the battle metal rabbit, the rabbit must spare no effort to have the opportunity to overcome the impact of metal found. Without the help of friends, rabbit fight to the death.
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Well before the 2011 forecast, you need to know what type of element you are lucky element is your astrological birth chart from you. Draw element is the main factor determining people's happiness. Year of the Rabbit 2011 is a white metal, metal and wood. If your lucky element is a metal or wood, you will make a certain extent, the happiness of 2011. However, according to the five elements theory, the relationship between wood and metal fighting. They are conflicting factors. If your lucky element is Metal, then Woods will be sad element. If your lucky element is wood, then a Unfortunately, the metal element. This means that most people will get some, lose metal rabbit woman in 2011, unless there is a special relationship, or because birth chart.


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