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Friday, June 10, 2011

Chinese Food Anchorage Alaska

Although I like to cook, has taken some delicious food, created from the local requirements, sometimes my husband and I sailing charter in the Caribbean, I announced the closure of the kitchen. I like to explore the island, and I keep discovering new things. What could be the Caribbean as a unique dining experience. The type found in restaurants and to provide them with rich fare, a variety of people themselves. Whether you become a sailing destination, the Caribbean islands, numerous dining options available to you. Roadside restaurants and the beach is from the four-star establishments station domain, constitute the Caribbean are reflected in the cultural integration of the dishes have their roots all over the world, including the UK, Dutch, French, Spanish, Chinese and Creole, and so on.

French cuisine with the freshest fish
Le Genois, the earth connection Pasteur, Dells Sant, has a great waterfront location, so most of their customers yachters. By the Philippe and Chantal, a couple from Bordeaux, own, operate several of the host yacht club visitor services and operation of several yachts, as well as special music in April sponsored Genois - an annual sailing race Pitre, melon de Cape Island and Sant. Philip and Chantal is a beautiful and useful, warm, fluent in English, is a wonderful cook! Such as fish pate, smoked fish and cheese, crisp salad is a delicious starter, dessert is dead. Dinner is a reasonable price three fixed menu.

Chinese Food Anchorage Alaska

Chinese Food Anchorage Alaska

Best dishes
Cleaning the beach in front of a long-term Bay, Grand Case Saint Martin on the French side the town, known as the gourmet capital of the Caribbean. Main street is lined with excellent restaurants one after another, first-class service, elegant French cuisine from all the inexpensive barbecue. All the restaurants have prices posted on the blackboard menu, but half the fun is to be by their interest in reading when you decide where to eat in the pedestrian street. In to the restaurant, you will also pass a climate control wine room and a beautiful, well-stocked bar. Blue cloth covered tables set up along the terrace, which is 50 feet wide, watching the grand case bay and Anguilla in the distance the flashing lights went out. Food menu is imaginative and not only introduced, but be sure to please your taste buds. The wait staff attentive and informative. Be sure to order a special meal at the start soufflé. This is an epicurean delight!

Caribbean food is a unique island, which is reflected in numerous food and beverage outlets. Whether you are a shack at the roadside or in the four-star dim sum restaurant, you will eat well. To find your restaurant, please book the Caribbean Virgin Islands sailing charter sail colors.


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