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Monday, June 20, 2011

Animal Food Pyramids | New Food Pyramids in Spanish

Energy pyramid shows that many trees and shrubs to provide food and energy giraffe. Please note, we went to, there are more than trees and shrubs than giraffe giraffes, lions and even less.

New Animal Food Pyramids in Spanish

Further along the food chain as we have fewer and fewer consumers. In other words, a living mass at the base of the big things that need to support the top few. Many herbivores are needed to support some of the predators.

U.S. Department of Agriculture yesterday issued its most recent update of the Spanish language version of the food pyramid. MiPirámide included as part of its English language counterpart the same information. Hispanics are the fastest growing U.S. ethnic minorities and many from the higher rate of obesity and diabetes, according to the Miami Herald. Robert Tosa LaSalle, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Services Manager, had this to say the translation of the pyramid in the Miami Dade College North Campus opening: "We recognize that Hispanics are the fastest-growing minority, and as a nation we have a responsibility to address this gap and educating the population about a healthy lifestyle. "


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