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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halal Chinese Foods

Halal Chinese Food

With government support, low investment costs and huge infrastructure investments in Ningxia's processing centres, companies, according to many traders at the fair, will pose a serious challenge to the Brazilian, Australian and Indian players who dominte the halal foods market.

At this week's fair, a number of Malaysian and Indonesian investors had expressed interest in his halal products, from traditional Chinese mooncakes to bread. Some business man also visit India later this year, to meet with potential trading partners. The halal market in China is growing every year, pointing to rising consumption and a fast-growing middle class. “But our focus from now,” he added, “will be overseas.”
Halal Chinese Food

China turns to its Muslims to tap the West Asian halal food market
When Chinese officials discovered a business opportunity in the fast-growing West Asian halal food market, they turned to Wang Meng, who prefers to introduce himself as “Sayyid” when he meets foreigners.
Twelve years ago, Mr. Wang, who is from China's Hui Muslim minority group, founded a halal food company in Beijing to cater to the city's Muslim community.

While China may be famed for its consumption of certain meats, it is also world-renowned for its low prices. Halal, it appears, is no different.
"Arab countries have been buying halal food from China for a long time. We have no problem with food from China," Mohammad Al Towaim, a Hong Kong based Arab trader, explained.
Al Towaim points to the low prices of Chinese food compared to traditional markets such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, the major exporters of halal food.
China has developed what is called the Ningxia halal food certification system with the assistance of certification authorities in Malaysia. The Malaysian involvement has given the country's certification methods a lot of credibility among buyers. Chinese halal food makers also use standards and processes enforced in the Arab world, sources said.
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